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Toprasil M55

Modern detergents require ingredients that enhance cleaning efficiency while considering skin equilibrium and reducing environmental impact. Producers of detergents are seeking for raw materials with higher washing performance to reduce chemical usage, packaging, water consumption, and pollution. In detergents such as dishwashing liquids there is a need for high washing effi ciency, foaming properties, viscosity,… Leggi tutto »

Cleaning with a second skin – Sustainable Surface Cleaning Solutions

Sustainable, environmentally friendly and particularly resource-saving cleaning agents have gained attraction during the last years. The modern consumer no longer values performance and price alone, but is also interested in reducing environmental impacts, improved skin compatibility, reduced cleaning efforts and total reduction of consumption. Particularly innovative cleaners use an easy-to-clean effect in which functional collagen… Leggi tutto »

Expanding application spectrum of REWOFERM® biosurfactants in cleaning

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the sustainability and safety of the products they use. In the personal and home care markets, there is a strong demand for natural and mild ingredients made from responsibly sourced materials.    Surfactants are an essential part of our lives. Yet, traditional surfactants pose challenges in terms of sustainability and safety…. Leggi tutto »

Sostenibilità e internazionalizzazione: i servizi gratuiti della rete Enterprise Europe Network

Enterprise Europe Network è una rete nata nel 2008 per volontà della Commissione Europea, attiva in oltre 60 Paesi attraverso oltre 700 organizzazioni. Innovhub SSI, in qualità di partner della rete, offre diversi servizi gratuiti per le imprese, quali: aggiornamenti normativi con riferimento ai mercati esteri, ricerca partner finalizzati a sviluppare accordi commerciali all’estero o… Leggi tutto »

Short-chain alcohol ethoxylates: effective solutions for hard surface cleaning

A presentation about short-chain alcohol ethoxylates, which will include the characterization of their physicochemical properties such as Pour Point, HLB, phase behaviour, and foam profile. The influence of chain length and ethoxylation will also be discussed. The presentation will be followed by performance tests for hard surface cleaning, which will examine the solubilization of d-limonene,… Leggi tutto »