TELLERINI SPA, leader in the distribution of chemical products for industry

Founded in 1941, Tellerini SpA is the most important distribution site in central Italy of chemical products for industry. On an area of ​​42,000m2, it responds to the requests for solvents, surfactants, detergents, chlorine derivatives, glycols and plasticizers of over 1000 customers throughout the country. The company is part of the Todisco Group, market leader in the production, import and distribution of chemical products for industry, together
to companies such as Tellerini Industriale Srl, Società Chimica Emilio Fedeli SpA, Sodital Srl, B&C Srl, S.C.E.F SpA, Caffaro Brescia SpA, Società Chimica Bussi SpA, C.M. Chimica Srl, for a total of over 300 employees, 3 production plants and 16 warehouses; These results were
achieved through constant investment and commitment to their companies, which have been able to make business growth their workhorse to bring Italian chemistry back to the splendor of the last century.