Ready for downsizing? SULFETAL LM HC: our solution to get more with less

Time: 11:40 am - 12:00 am

Date: 6/3/19


Fatty Alcohol Sulfates (FAS) of vegetable origin, are generally recognized as being more eco-friendly surfactants than LAS.

However, one drawback of FAS, that has limited their larger use, is the high difficulty to achieve concentrated solution higher than 30 % active matter.

In a market that is moving more and more towards highly concentrated detergents, the limitation imposed by diluted solution of FAS is even more limiting their use.

Therefore, our strategy has been to look for technical solutions to overcome the current limits, and we have developed a non aqueous solution of MEA FAS at 60% in active matter, which is a greener alternative to the more commonly used MEA-DDB.

This innovative raw material finds its best application in final products in the detergent market such as concentrated aqueous and non-aqueous liquid detergents, which are well accepted from the final consumers both for their limited environmental impact (less plastic used for the packaging, reduced production of CO2), and for their ease of use.

In this work, we experimentally demonstrate that the use of non aqueous MEA FAS allows to obtain highly concentrated detergents without any dangerous exothermical reaction (thus reducing production cycles with energy saving), and with cleaning performances that are significantly better than the ones of formulations with a comparable active matter based on the most traditional MEA-DDB (from petrochemical sources), in different washing conditions. Moreover, MEA FAS is more effective at lower concentration than MEA DDB, thus making its use very cost effective.

Key words: Fatty Alcohol Sulfates, Superconcentrated Laundry Detergents, Sustainability, Energy Saving.


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