Water Responsible Cleaning

Time: 11:30 - 12:00


Water is one of the most essential natural resources for the existence of life. For several reasons water is becoming a scarce and precious resource and it´s getting more important to use our water resources wisely. Rising consumer awareness is pushing the industry to develop more sustainable solutions that can help to save the planet´s natural resources.

Cleaning products manufacturers can have a role in addressing this situation through more sustainable production practices and through product solutions that have a lower water-usage footprint.

Evonik can help by offering product technologies that enable to a wide range of approaches to water conservation, from no-rinse cleaning to low water-usage formats.

During this webinar we will introduce products and inspiring formulations that can assist to develop products supporting sustainability from different perspectives of water conservation.

Cleaning begins with Knowledge, and with Evonik, you can create a sustainable future!


  • Stephen Cain Senior Business Manager - Evonik
  • Silvia Jentsch Manager Technical Services - Evonik Operations GmbH
  • Jacqueline Wiacek Marketing Manager - Evonik Operations GmbH

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