TETRANYL L15-85E, a fabric care enhancer

Time: 11:40 - 12:00

Date: 08/03/2023

Theatre: Arena 4


Liquid Fabric Softeners are formulated using well-known surfactants called esterquats. Esterquats are double-tailed cationic surfactants, which form insoluble big aggregates in water generating opaque dispersions. These aggregates have fabric-affinity and when absorbed onto it, high softening effect is conferred. Additionally, these aggregates are suitable to be used as carriers to deposit high amount of fragrances onto fabric. However, due to the hydrophobization of the surface, they reduce the breathability and the water adsorption of fabrics, reducing also the comfort sensation.

TETRANYL L15-85E is a new water-soluble esterquat, that forms clear solutions without the addition of other ingredients or special solvents. It has been designed to provide a balance between hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties.

It provides enough lubricity to provide fiber protection against abrasion and pilling, while keeping hydrophilic properties such wetting, spreading and evaporation of moisture, providing comfort sensation.

In addition, TETRANYL L15-85E is also suitable for synthetic clothes, especially sport clothes, overcoming the common drawbacks associated with the use of softeners with sportwear. Thus, by using fabric softeners based in TETRANYL L15-85E there is no need to separate clothes in the washing machine, they all can be washed together.

Finally, this new esterquat shows unique properties compared to other esterquats from the market. It can be added to a liquid laundry detergent as an additive to provide color and fiber protection, keeping detergency.

Thus, this new ingredient is a clear fabric care enhancer.



  • Marc Bernat Business Unit Manager Consumer Applications - Kao presenting for Univar Solutions

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