SupraCareTM 780 Additive. Sustainable and Versatile additive for rheology modification of liquids and structuring of solid detergents

Time: 11:40 - 12:00

Date: 07/06/2022

Theatre: Arena 4


Today’s trend towards more sustainable detergents translates into a need for versatile, biodegradable and bio sourced materials that perform well in the application.

One of the approaches to enable more sustainable products relies on high yield additives, such as rheology modifiers or structurant.

Those additives help to do more with less: reducing the total ingredient load, enabling same performance at reduced cost and concentrate the formulations even further.

SupraCareā„¢ 780 Additive is a cellulosic derivative combining rheology and structuring benefits which is nature-derived from sustainably sourced cellulose, a natural, abundant, and renewable resource and is inherently ultimate bio-degradable. It is a non-ionic polymer and demonstrates higher yield in terms of rheology across various liquid formats (liquid laundry, hand dish wash liquid, hard surface care cleaners, ADW gel, etc.) and high water structuring and binding benefits across different solid formats (soap bars, e-commerce friendly formats, etc.) leading to cost savings and other performance benefits aligned with the end consumer need. Due to its non-ionic character, SupraCareā„¢ 780 is compatible with most used surfactants and other additives used in the formulation.


  • Saugata Nad Senior Scientist - Dow Home Care for Brenntag

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