Evonik/Brenntag TEGO® PP 1027 – REWO® Scent G 100

Time: 11:40 am - 12:00 pm

Date: 22/09/2021

Theatre: Arena 4



TEGO® PP 1027 – REWO® Scent G 100

TEGO® PP 1027 is a new polymer, used in cleaning formulations for floors and  shiny surfaces. It is designed for home and professional use and provides a significantly improved gloss on treated surfaces. It shows excellent compatibility with all types of surfactants and other formulation ingredients and is stable over a wide pH range.

REWO SCENT® G 100 is a novelty self-emulsifiable silicone derivative in a new delivery form to improve the performance of fabric softener formulations maintaining an excellent and long term stability.

With REWO SCENT® G 100, our customers deliver a fabric conditioner that leaves fabrics with a silky, luxurious feel while smelling fresh for days after washing.

More important, consumers recognize a stronger fragrance immediately after the wash and even after two weeks using a fabric softener with REWO SCENT® G 100 as opposed to those washed without.

REWO SCENT® G 100 also opens new ways of formulating and marketing fabric softeners.


  • Michael Fender Technical Service Manager- Cleaning Solution - Evonik (in collaborazione con Brenntag)

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