Powerful Cleaning and a pleasant skin feel with REWOFERM® Biosurfactants

Time: 16:10 - 16:30

Date: 07/03/2023

Theatre: Arena 4


REWOFERM® Biosurfactants combine powerful cleaning performance with highest sustainability standards. They are produced by a mild fermentation process using renewable, locally sourced raw materials and eliminating the need for tropical oils. Those gamechangers offer an exceptionally low aqua toxicity and biodegradability enabling circular economy. REWOFERM® Biosurfactants are especially mild to skin and offer a unique hand feel.


Consumer awareness and climate change is driving the industry to develop more sustainable cleaning solutions. The trend to more sustainable cleaning products is already diversely reflected on the market for home care products. REWOFERM® Biosurfactants helps brands to differentiate in the market segment for green home care products by enabling new claims and benefits.


Konrad will present Evonik´s product portfolio of biosurfactants and how it enables powerful cleaning combined with unique mildness and hand feel. The presentation will focus on hard surface cleaning applications and will cover the sophorolipid REWOFERM® SL ONE as well as the first commercially available rhamnolipid REWOFERM® RL 100.


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