NUGEN® Formulated Solutions for your Disinfection Needs – Cost Effective Ways to Survive the BPR® with state-of-the art solutions. (in Italian language with English slides)

Time: 11:00 - 11:20

Date: 07/06/2022

Theatre: Arena 4


Disinfectant and Disinfectant Cleaner Formulations, which require to be authorized under the Biocidal Product Regulation are subject to a multitude of challenges: High costs to prepare and to review the dossier, intensive involvement of highly qualified and specialized personnel and continuous challenges on the validity of claims which need to be substantiated following the guidance of the European Standards Committee. Cost effective ways to enter or to stay on the market include the option to partner with companies, who support their own product family dossier and to benefit from these data and pursue a same biocidal product authorisation at a fraction of the costs opposite those for the reference product. For certain biocidal actives time is running and quick action needs to be taken to Survive the BPR.


  • Wolfgang Voigt Senior Sales and Distribution Manager - Arxada Services Ltd, Basel, Switzerland, BU Microbial Control Solutions for Aakon Polichimica

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