No More Pet Odour: Angus Leads the Way

Time: 14:20 - 14:40

Date: 07/03/2023

Theatre: Arena 4


Challenges we are facing in our daily life does not have to carry a burden of malodour around us. As much as we love our furry friends the “wet dog” smell welcoming you in your apartment when coming back from work is not helpful in mood improvement. Same goes for your favourite sweater that has been neatly stored at the bottom of your closet. It has been washed but the freshness is long gone and the temptation of re-washing it intensifies with every whiff you take. Most commonly used products on the market only mask the bad smell by surrounding the molecules with a coating of perfume. It results in even worse sensation of overall cleanliness and discourage from using them.

The problem lies in the roots of the odours and stripping them into the basic compounds. Instead of hiding – eliminating and making them disappear for good. Angus product range allowed creation and testing of several formulations applicable for both pet odour control as well as for textile fresheners. We got to the bottom of it and analysed different combinations of ingredients in terms of removal of malodours. Comparison of 5 formulas unravelled possibilities of applications of Angus products for different purposes.

The human sense of smell has been underestimated for a long time. However, recent research shows that it is closely connected to emotions, memories, approach and avoidance, and evaluative judgment. Therefore, the scent of a product can have a significant impact on consumers’ product experience, its liking, the evaluative judgment of the products’ qualities, and the products’ purchase intention. Because of this, more and more companies are focusing on reducing, neutralising, or masking unpleasant scents from their products or developing products with reducing or neutralising functions. At ANGUS we have long known that our TRIS AMINO™ Multifunctional Amino Alcohol (Chemical Name; Tromethamine (2-amino-2-hydroxymethyl-1,3-propanediol) or INCI Name: Tromethamine) offers superior odour neutralization properties. The ANGUS Multifunctional Amino Alcohols were used in the creation, and respective testing of these formulations for both pet odour control, human body odour control and textile fresheners. In this session, we will discuss the findings and offer suggestions as to use of the ANGUS Multifunctional Amino Alcohols in a variety of applications to control, eliminate and/or neutralise malodours. From the instrumental methods used, to the formulations and all findings, this session covers the significant inroads made into odour control using amino alcohols.



  • Katarzyna Romek-Cheviron HIC Application specialist - Univar Solutions

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