Managing Colorants in Home and Personal Care formulations

Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 am

Date: 5/3/2019


With today’s sophisticated formulations and transparent packaging, it has become even more challenging to maintain a product’s key visual and sensorial appearance. Color is an important criterion for sensorial appeal, used to boost product placement and recognition, and is therefore essential for commercial success.

Product aesthetics and visual aspects transport claims to the consumer through their symbolic nature, emphasizing certain product properties and promoting the brand image.

Colours, but also scents and overall design, are signals stimulating emotions and influencing the buying decision. In this respect colour stability is of similar importance during the product’s life cycle as are application properties. This is why colours must be selected carefully not only to meet the marketing requests, but also to ensure compatibility and a high degree of storage stability, without discoloration.

The knowledge about CI-numbers and the chromophors on which they are based one is able to make rather accurate predictions about the qualities of the dye, such as colour and stability. Knowledge about the type of dye (acid dye, alkaline dye, etc.) also gives you an idea about the dissolubility and compatibility of the dye in the formula. You can also benefit from this knowledge when including a wide range of chromophors in your screening.

Since the selection of the colours is often the last step in product development, then appearing problems such as incompatibility, inhomogeneity and pH- or light instability are especially critical. The basic knowledge about the characteristics of colouring agents and their classification can help in that respect, so that the correct dye can be chosen and a cost-efficient, storage stable homogenous product colouring can be achieved.


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