Dow versatile biodegradable cleaning additive for Dishwashing

Time: 09:50 - 10:10

Date: 07/03/2023

Theatre: Arena 4


Accelerated by the global pandemic and rapid climate change, sustainability, and the reduction of Human being impact on the planet are definitively the major innovation drivers in Home Care, for the entire value chain from raw material suppliers to consumers. Improving the sustainability profile will not be achieved by a single means but through a bundle of approaches.

One logical step comes with improved biodegradability profile of formulations and products, but it can come along also with higher product efficacy, to reduce release in the environment, lower impact-in use. This can also mean that every product included in a formulation brings value to the performance.

Dow is applying 125 years of experience and engaging broad portfolio and application science to embark in this journey. Thus, Dow has developed a biodegradable additive that enable to boost performance in multiple applications. At the forum of Innovations, benefits of this new biodegradable additive will be demonstrated in laundry and dish application.

In automatic dish washing application, while good cleaning is experienced by consumer by perfect removal of food rest but also on shine of glasses, fast drying of the dishes going out of the dish washer is also relevant for convenience perspective. The Dow biodegradable additive, combined in the appropriate ADW formulation, demonstrates drying and shine performances.



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