Dequest® and Belsperse® ingredients for disinfectant formulations based on Hypochlorite or Peroxide bleach

Time: 11:20 - 11:40

Date: 22/09/2021

Theatre: Arena 4


After Covid-19 pandemic has spread around the world, hygiene and disinfecting products became more and more utilized.

These products often contain disinfecting agents like Sodium Hypochlorite, Hydrogen Peroxide or Peracetic Acid that are well-known for their virucidal and bactericidal activity.

Italmatch Chemicals offers a range of products that can fit into disinfecting products formulations, giving additional value and benefits like enhanced performance profile, longer stability, better soil dispersion and scale inhibition.


  • Diego Boscardin Applicative Laboratory Specialist - Italmatch Chemicals

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