BPR Data Requirements on the move (in Italian language with English slides)

Time: 09:30 - 09:50

Date: 22/09/2021

Theatre: Arena 4


Disinfectant Formulations, which require to be authorized under the Biocidal Product Regulation are subject to a variety of challenges: High costs to prepare and to review the dossier, intensive involvement of highly qualified and specialized personnel and continuous challenges on the validity of claims which need to be substantiated following the guidance of the European Standards Committee. In particular the European Norms are frequently reviewed:  New guidelines are developed, which typically consist in either a further reduction of available microorganisms to test against, higher hurdles to successfully pass more stringent test conditions or novel test procedures, which put additional strain on the pass criteria for a given formulation. While robust, widely applicable and cost effective formulations are desirable, it becomes more and more difficult to satisfy a long wish list of potential features as requirements constantly change. The presentation covers new developments in the field of formulations and updated test standards and addresses general concerns on how to best handle these issues.


  • Wolfgang Voigt Senior Sales and Distribution Manager - LSI (former Lonza) Microbial Control Solutions

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