Aristocare™ Smart: a powerful multi-talent for kitchen cleaning

Time: 11:20 am - 12:00 am

Date: 5/3/2019


Modern consumers are constantly seeking for reducing the time spent with cleaning their homes. Hard Surface Cleaners which are easy to use, clean quickly and allow an easier next time cleaning perfectly match this trend. For keeping their kitchen clean, consumers care about grease removal as well as for avoiding residues on shiny surfaces such as metal sinks and vitroceramics. Cleaning products protecting kitchen surfaces from soil help to maintain a clean kitchen for longer.

The novel surface modification polymer Aristocare Smart is stable at a broad pH range and thus suitable as additive for different cleaner formats, including neutral All Purpose Cleaners as well as high pH Oven Cleaners. The hydrophilic polymer leads to long-lasting fast water drainage, streak-free shine and spotless drying. Moreover, the polymer protects typical kitchen surfaces as ceramics and ceran glass from stains: Aristocare Smart allows effortless kitchen soil and lime scale removal and therefore significantly reduces the time needed for the cleaning process.


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