A Proposal: Pods Are Not Necessary to deliver 25ml Liquid Laundry Concentrate

Time: 14:20 - 14:40

Date: 21/09/2021

Theatre: Arena 4


Demand from consumers is calling for more sustainable washing solutions, a reduction in plastic packaging, and a longer-term approach to the world’s water scarcity issues. At the IMCD Application Labs, the experts have developed a concentrated formulation that addresses all of these issues.

The creation of a 25ml liquid laundry formulation, an improvement on the previously launched 50ml solution, provides a similar-sized dose to the standard laundry ‘pod’ without the reliance upon PVA film. Delivered in liquid rather than ‘pod’ form, the concentrate offers flexibility on dosage size to enable end-users to adapt to machine or load size.

This presentation will guide you through some of the key findings from the development process and discuss the need for an ‘easy-dosing’ bottle to make the 25ml liquid laundry concept a success.


  • Claudia Sturm Application Laboratory Manager - Home Care and I&I - IMCD Group

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