75 years ago, MULLER & KOSTER S.P.A. began an exciting journey. In fact, in 1945 the company that brought perfumery to Italy was founded. From that moment on, and for each of the 75 years of history, MULLER & KOSTER S.P.A. has undergone a profound transformation, demonstrating a constant ability to reinvent itself.

This path, full of challenges, has made MULLER & KOSTER S.P.A. what it is today. The only 100% family-run Italian essence company that designs, develops and produces essences, aromas for cosmetics, essential oils and natural fragrances in Italy. A solid company with offices in Italy and France. A company that grows and continues to offer the best solutions to make people’s lives more fragrant.

MULLER & KOSTER S.P.A. opened the doors of the Milan plant in 1945 with a production of essences for soaps and bubble baths and, after 40 years of producing iconic fragrances for the history of the brand, the company has decided to build a new, larger and more modern production site , thus moving production from Milan to Liscate starting in 2008. The plant is inaugurated with the launch of the largest robot for the production of fragrances in Europe, Roxane Gt which automatically weighs 365 raw materials.

Today, the essence house boasts three production robots: Roxane Gt, Roxane A and an automatic plant for essential oils from which 50,000 products per month are produced including essences, aromas for cosmetics, natural fragrances and essential oils. MULLER & KOSTER S.P.A. moreover, it designs its fragrances in the research and development laboratories of Grasse in France with the most developed tools available to its perfumery technicians. To date, MULLER & KOSTER S.P.A. has produced over 35,000 new fragrances.

In these 75 years, Muller & Koster S.p.A. has launched on the market 35,000 fragrances, 140 essential oils, and a wide range of aromas for cosmetics, in different versions and allergenic profiles. It should also be noted that, starting from 2019, the brand’s range has experienced an important leap forward with the entry into the natural fragrance segment with a list of over 300 100% natural fragrances certifiable Natrue and Cosmos.

The evolution and modernization of fragrances has been a constant throughout the journey, and to this has been added a technological development that has shaped every aspect of the essences, from the technical aspects to compliance with mandatory regulations up to the elimination of allergens. Furthermore, as part of the commitment of MULLER & KOSTER S.P.A. for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly production, the company is committed to a strong reduction in electricity consumption and natural resources.

At the same time, demonstrating this ability to evolve and transform itself completely, in 2019 MULLER & KOSTER S.P.A. has completely rebuilt and innovated its Italian production and research spaces, redesigning an area of ​​8000 square meters from scratch. The new laboratories contribute to the development of two important dimensions within MULLER & KOSTER S.P.A. On the one hand, it aims to continue to push digital transformation and increase efficiency through the digitization of processes. At the same time, it intends to strengthen business models linked to the new concepts of natural fragrance, absence of allergens, sustainable products, with particular focus on Cosmos and Natrue certifications.

For 75 years, MULLER & KOSTER S.P.A. is present in people’s lives and has shown its commitment to society and its needs in a complex moment such as that caused by COVID-19. In this period, in MULLER & KOSTER S.P.A. various initiatives have been carried out to combat the spread of the virus. Initiatives aimed, in practice, at the creation of blends of essential oils with proven sanitizing properties required by all manufacturers of sanitizing products.

A team of perfumery technicians worked for weeks on the development of sanitizing mixtures for hands, environment and fabrics. As a result, sanitizing mixtures were produced, which were sent to the manufacturers of sanitizers. A grain of sand to give hope for the future. Gradually regaining freedom.