07/03/2023 Seminars

09:15 - 09:30

Introduzione e presentazione dei lavori


09:30 - 10:00

Scenario Economico per L’Impresa Chimica


09:50 - 10:10

Dow versatile biodegradable cleaning additive for Dishwashing

Accelerated by the global pandemic and rapid climate change, sustainability, and the reduction of Human being impact on the planet are definitively the major innovation drivers in Home Care, for the entire value chain from raw material suppliers to consumers. Improving the sustainability profile will not be achieved by a single means but through a bundle of approaches.

One logical step comes with improved biodegradability profile of formulations and products, but it can come along also with higher product efficacy, to reduce release in the environment, lower impact-in use. This can also mean that every product included in a formulation brings value to the performance.

Dow is applying 125 years of experience and engaging broad portfolio and application science to embark in this journey. Thus, Dow has developed a biodegradable additive that enable to boost performance in multiple applications. At the forum of Innovations, benefits of this new biodegradable additive will be demonstrated in laundry and dish application.

In automatic dish washing application, while good cleaning is experienced by consumer by perfect removal of food rest but also on shine of glasses, fast drying of the dishes going out of the dish washer is also relevant for convenience perspective. The Dow biodegradable additive, combined in the appropriate ADW formulation, demonstrates drying and shine performances.


09:50 - 10:10

Presentation from Garzanti

10:00 - 10:30

Nuove Tecnologie Ecosostenibili per L’Isolamento da Matrici Naturali di Aromi, Tensioattivi e Sostanze.


10:10 - 10:30

Inibizione della precipitazione della durezza mediante attivi “green” nei detersivi domestici: serie BFS 500. Derivati da fonti completamente biodegradabili e rinnovabili.

Inibizione della precipitazione della durezza mediante attivi “green” nei detersivi domestici: serie BFS 500.Derivati da fonti completamente biodegradabili e rinnovabili. Il lavoro di ricerca effettuato ha portato allo sviluppo di una classe di inibitori della precipitazione della durezza particolarmente “green” ed ha dimostrato che, nei detersivi per lavastoviglie e lavatrice domestici, essi possano avere performance del tutto comparabili con quelle dei tradizionali attivi non biodegradabili.• I test effettuati su una formulazione di Gel per Lavastoviglie hanno dimostrato come BFS 510 riesca a controllare l’incrostazione da elettroliti garantendo una elevata brillantezza del vasellame.• I test effettuati (secondo raccomandazioni AISE) su una formulazione di detergente liquido per lavaggio biancheria hanno dimostrato che la capacità detergente di un prodotto contenente BFS 520 è equivalente a quella di altri prodotti simili basati su tradizionali ingredienti non biodegradabili.Migliorare la biodegradabilità complessiva e la sostenibilità dei detergenti. I prodotti della serie BFS 500 apportano tali vantaggi a tutti i prodotti sopra menzionati. L’impatto più rilevante è stato riscontrato sui gel per lavastoviglie dato l’elevato livello di sequestranti tipico di questa applicazione.


Inhibition of hardness precipitation by "green" actives in household detergents: the BFS 500 series. Derived from fully biodegradable and renewable sources. The research work carried out has led to the development of a particularly "green" class of hardness precipitation inhibitors and has shown that, in household dishwasher and washing machine detergents, they can have performance fully comparable with that of traditional non-biodegradable actives.- Tests carried out on a Dishwasher Gel formulation have shown that BFS 510 succeeds in controlling scaling by electrolytes while ensuring a high gloss of the pot. - Tests performed (according to AISE recommendations) on a liquid laundry detergent formulation have shown that the cleaning ability of a product containing BFS 520 is equivalent to that of other similar products based on traditional non-biodegradable ingredients. Improving the overall biodegradability and sustainability of detergents. BFS 500 series products bring such benefits to all the products mentioned above. The most significant impact was found on dishwasher gels given the high level of sequestrants typical of this application.



  • Giovanni Broscritto Industry Market Manager Household and I&I Solutions, EMEA - Brenntag Holding Gmbh
11:00 - 11:20

Advances in enzyme engineering: delivering on the need for sustainable laundry detergents

Detergent manufacturers are looking for ingredients that can address the consumer’s need for sustainable and efficacious cleaning products. In both (auto)dish and laundry applications enzymes have a track record of delivering against these requirements. Enzymes are bio-catalysts and are produced from renewable feedstocks by means of fermentation. They can deliver both stain removal and fabric care benefits, and multiple enzymes can be combined in a detergent matrix. However, their use is not without challenges to the formulator, specifically when incorporated in a liquid detergent. Some chemicals are known to destabilize enzymes, whereas others are incorporated for improving enzyme stability. Traditional enzyme stabilizers based on boron are no longer desired due to their chemical classification and labelling requirements. Recent advances in protein engineering have enabled significant improvements in the properties of liquid enzymes, hereby minimizing the need for chemical stabilizers or making them redundant, even in multi-enzyme systems. IFF Health & Biosciences has invested in new enzyme development using the latest protein engineering techniques and formulation insights, and will shortly commercialize the next generation of PREFERENZ(R) liquid enzymes for laundry detergents.


Il mercato è alla ricerca di ingredienti in grado di soddisfare l'esigenza di creare prodotti sostenibili ma sempre più efficaci. Sia nelle applicazioni per lavastoviglie che in quelle per il bucato. Gli enzimi sono in grado di soddisfare questi requisiti. Gli enzimi sono biocatalizzatori e vengono prodotti da materie prime rinnovabili attraverso processi di fermentazione. Possono offrire benefici sia per la rimozione delle macchie che per la cura dei tessuti attraverso un’accurata combinazione di differenti enzimi. Tuttavia, il loro uso non è privo di sfide per il formulatore, in particolare quando vengono incorporati in un detergente liquido. Alcune sostanze chimiche sono note per destabilizzare gli enzimi, mentre altre vengono incorporate per migliorarne la stabilità. I classici stabilizzatori a base di Boro vengono sempre meno impiegati causa della loro classificazione chimica e dei requisiti di etichettatura. I recenti progressi nell'ingegneria proteica hanno permesso di migliorare significativamente le proprietà degli enzimi liquidi, riducendo al minimo la necessità di stabilizzatori chimici o rendendoli superflui, anche nei sistemi multi-enzimatici. IFF Health & Biosciences ha investito nello sviluppo di nuovi enzimi utilizzando le più recenti tecniche di ingegneria proteica e le conoscenze in materia di formulazione ed ecco i nuovi lanci per il Bucato.



  • Fanélie Jaeglé Technical & Marketing Director - Home Care and I&I - IFF Health & Biosciences
11:00 - 11:30

Improvements in the Anionic Surfactant Manufacturing: the New Generation Ballestra Multi-Tube Falling Film Reactor.


11:20 - 11:40

NUGEN® Formulated Solutions for your Disinfection Needs – Wipes, Ready-to-use Solutions and Dilutable Concentrates – Cost Effective Ways to Survive the BPR® with state-of-the art solutions

Disinfectant Cleaning Wipes, Ready-to-use (RTU) disinfectants and dilutable biocidal concentrates, which require to be authorized under the Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR), are subject to a multitude of challenges: Strict timelines to adhere to, high costs to prepare and to review the dossier, intensive involvement of highly qualified and specialized personnel and continuous challenges on the validity of claims which need to be substantiated following the guidance of the European Standards Committee.


One cost effective way to enter or to stay on the market is the option to partner with companies, who support their own product family dossier and to benefit from these data and pursue a same biocidal product authorisation or onboarding at a fraction of the costs opposite those for the reference product.


NUGEN Disinfectant Cleaner Wipes, RTU and concentrates are BPR supported solutions. The presentation outlines both new solutions to the market as well as established biocidal solutions, the latter coming with a stringent deadline to complete registrations – Now is the time to act!


  • Wolfgang Voigt Senior Sales and Business Development Manager NUGEN® Disinfectants - Arxada
11:30 - 12:00

La Tutela del Know How Tecnico Commerciale: alla Sentenza


11:40 - 12:00

Amazing Amino Acids Applications


14:00 - 14:30


14:00 - 14:20

How Inulin derivatives unlock the full potential of sustainable Home Care products

The time is now to switch traditional materials to sustainable biopolymers, microplastics free!

The solution, at Cosun Biobased Experts we manufacture functional biobased ingredients helping customers achieving their sustainability targets. Inulin is sustainably and locally sourced biopolymer and a key raw material to produce novel derivates that enhance the performance of dishwashing, laundry and hard surface cleaners.

In-house application research, conducted by Cosun Biobased Experts, resulted in clear indications that Inulin derivates have the capability to outperform traditional ingredients e.g. polyacrylates in cost effective way.


  • Sam van den Berg Business Development Manager - Cosun Biobased Experts for Eurosyn SpA
14:20 - 14:40

No More Pet Odour: Angus Leads the Way

Challenges we are facing in our daily life does not have to carry a burden of malodour around us. As much as we love our furry friends the “wet dog” smell welcoming you in your apartment when coming back from work is not helpful in mood improvement. Same goes for your favourite sweater that has been neatly stored at the bottom of your closet. It has been washed but the freshness is long gone and the temptation of re-washing it intensifies with every whiff you take. Most commonly used products on the market only mask the bad smell by surrounding the molecules with a coating of perfume. It results in even worse sensation of overall cleanliness and discourage from using them.

The problem lies in the roots of the odours and stripping them into the basic compounds. Instead of hiding – eliminating and making them disappear for good. Angus product range allowed creation and testing of several formulations applicable for both pet odour control as well as for textile fresheners. We got to the bottom of it and analysed different combinations of ingredients in terms of removal of malodours. Comparison of 5 formulas unravelled possibilities of applications of Angus products for different purposes.

The human sense of smell has been underestimated for a long time. However, recent research shows that it is closely connected to emotions, memories, approach and avoidance, and evaluative judgment. Therefore, the scent of a product can have a significant impact on consumers’ product experience, its liking, the evaluative judgment of the products’ qualities, and the products’ purchase intention. Because of this, more and more companies are focusing on reducing, neutralising, or masking unpleasant scents from their products or developing products with reducing or neutralising functions. At ANGUS we have long known that our TRIS AMINO™ Multifunctional Amino Alcohol (Chemical Name; Tromethamine (2-amino-2-hydroxymethyl-1,3-propanediol) or INCI Name: Tromethamine) offers superior odour neutralization properties. The ANGUS Multifunctional Amino Alcohols were used in the creation, and respective testing of these formulations for both pet odour control, human body odour control and textile fresheners. In this session, we will discuss the findings and offer suggestions as to use of the ANGUS Multifunctional Amino Alcohols in a variety of applications to control, eliminate and/or neutralise malodours. From the instrumental methods used, to the formulations and all findings, this session covers the significant inroads made into odour control using amino alcohols.



14:30 - 15:00

Dishwashing: A Dispenser Manufacturer’s Perspective


14:40 - 15:00

Innospec Presentation

15:00 - 15:30

Gli Italiani e L’Aerosol


15:30 - 16:00

I Nuovi “Descrittori Olfattivi” e la Misurazione Delle Fragranze


15:30 - 15:50

Innovative approach to answer Home Care market challenges

Home Care is an ever-changing market where consumers are looking for more sustainable products without compromising on performance. On their side, formulators have to face regulatory updates and sustainability standards evolution. Based on its long history of research activities to achieve strong ingredients expertise, Symrise’s innovative approach is the answer to both consumers’ and formulators’ challenges.


Il settore Home Care è un mercato in continua evoluzione dove i consumatori ricercano prodotti sempre più sostenibili che non compromettano le prestazioni. Occorre, inoltre, considerare che i formulatori sono maggiormente coinvolti nell’aggiornamento delle normative e nello sviluppo degli standard di sostenibilità. Basandosi sulla propria  consolidata esperienza nell’attività di ricerca, finalizzata ad avere una sempre maggior competenza degli ingredienti, l'approccio innovativo di Symrise è la risposta alle sfide dei consumatori e dei formulatori.


15:50 - 16:10

Una proposta per facilitare il lavoro dei formulatori: continuare a innovare con meno prodotti!

A proposal to get rid of formulators' nightmare: keep innovating with fewer products!

Today more than ever formulators of the household industry are struggling as they are torn between two trends.

On one hand the market is looking for innovations and improved performances of the household cleaning products and on the other hand development of new products is very limited due to several factors such as the increasing cost of registrations (REACh, UK REACh, KKDIK, Eurasia REACh, …), the cost of new molecule development or the restriction of usage of some chemicals. Some companies also request their formulators to limit the number of ingredients used which is an additional constraint to their create new formulations.

The possibilities being more and more limited; It becomes crucial to have access to multifunctional ingredients that can bring more than one benefit to one specific application but various advantages to the broad range of household products formulators are asked to create.

Kuraray can offer such an ingredient with MMB (3-Methoxy-3-Metyl-1-Butanol).

MMB is a real multi-purpose ingredient, registered worldwide, safe for humans and for the environment. This specialty solvent can be used in all types of household products such as Air care products, window cleaners, oven cleaners, carpet cleaners, laundry detergents, bathroom cleaners…

MMB has many benefits to offer: degreasing properties can be improved with a better cost in use, the amount of surfactant can be reduced, transparent formulations can be obtained, flash points can be increased as well as cloud point, enzyme’s activity less impacted, …

MMB is really one product you can use to bring innovation and efficiency to all of your products !


  • Daniel Kinderf Head of Chemical Business EMEA - - KURARAY Europe GmbH (Business Unit Chemicals – Germany) - for Eigenmann & Veronelli SpA
16:10 - 16:30

Powerful Cleaning and a pleasant skin feel with REWOFERM® Biosurfactants

REWOFERM® Biosurfactants combine powerful cleaning performance with highest sustainability standards. They are produced by a mild fermentation process using renewable, locally sourced raw materials and eliminating the need for tropical oils. Those gamechangers offer an exceptionally low aqua toxicity and biodegradability enabling circular economy. REWOFERM® Biosurfactants are especially mild to skin and offer a unique hand feel.


Consumer awareness and climate change is driving the industry to develop more sustainable cleaning solutions. The trend to more sustainable cleaning products is already diversely reflected on the market for home care products. REWOFERM® Biosurfactants helps brands to differentiate in the market segment for green home care products by enabling new claims and benefits.


Konrad will present Evonik´s product portfolio of biosurfactants and how it enables powerful cleaning combined with unique mildness and hand feel. The presentation will focus on hard surface cleaning applications and will cover the sophorolipid REWOFERM® SL ONE as well as the first commercially available rhamnolipid REWOFERM® RL 100.